UV Photocatalyst

Ultra Forest,

Unique Disinfection Stickers. Decorates your health.

Sterilization stickers with UV Photocatalyst

  • Eco-friendly, 24/7 self-sanitizing for most types of surfaces.
  • Simple, Cost-effective, Ideal for commercial, schools, hospitals, offices and more.
  • Durable for outdoors and indoors, lasting up to 12 months.
  • Safe to the surface when removal, easy to use, just peel & stick.
  • Visible back-to-clean sticker design.

Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst

For surface cover or screen divider in a public area, handle, knob, door from appliance, bus, subway and market

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Decal Stickers with UV Photocatalyst

For residential and commercial applications, like walls, tiles, windows or tables

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uv photocatalyst_27
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Wall Decals with UV Photocatalyst

Wall Decals

Dimensions: 32x60cm

Package: 1 sheet/polybag

Can be customized as your request

Wall Covering

Dimensions: 50x300cm,15.3×30.5cm

Package: 1 roll/box, 4 sheets/polybag

Can be customized as your request

Floor Decals

Dimensions: 10.2x61cm

Package: 4 sheets/polybag

Can be customized as your request

Window Decal with UV Photocatalyst

Window Decal

Dimensions: 30x43cm

Package: 1 sheet/polybag

Can be customized as your request

Table Decals

Dimensions: 12x12cm, 10.2x61cm

Package: 4 sheets/polybag

Can be customized as your request

Car Decals with UV Photocatalyst

Car Decals

Dimensions: 20.3×20.3cm

Package: 1 sheet/polybag

Can be customized as your request

What's Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst?

Free Touch is an antimicrobial sticker, designed for occassions when people have to touch something, that others can also touch. Its self-cleaning coating is able to readily remove bacteria and viruses from the its surface anytime.
Free Touch cares your every tiny touch in life. A tiny sticker is able to let the surface clean and ready for your touch always.

uv photocatalyst_2

Antimicrobial coating protects you from germs spread via hand touch.

uv photocatalyst_3

Germicidal coating is for the inhibition to microbes in the air & surface.

uv photocatalyst_4

Free Touch discomposes bacteria and viruses day & night automatically.

How can you bring germs home?

Bacteria and viruses (germs) get passed between people and spaces via hands, mouth, surfaces, etc. They are invisible and exist anywhere, anytime. We have many public facilities that we have to touch, handles on buses, doors in offices, knobs in restrooms.

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Doors & Knobs
Germs exist in the doors when people push and pull and spread via touch.

uv photocatalyst_6

Handles in bus, subway or lift may gather a large amount of bacteria.

uv photocatalyst_5

Hand rest in cart or commercial places may have germs you do not notice.

Everytime when you go out, via your touch in where people interact, those invisible, a large amount of germs from offices, hospitals, restrooms or buses will be onto your body and go home with you.

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Why is Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst germicidal?

uv photocatalyst_12

What is the Nano TiO2?
Nano TiO2 is extensively used for the removal of germs as an alternative disinfection technique. It decomposes germs into carbon dioxide and water, no harm or chemical residue, completely ECO-friendly during the usage.

uv photocatalyst_13

Where is the Nano TiO2?
As the particle size is under 5nm, TiO2 can be able to be firmly embedded in the gap of PVC coating. As the catalyst, Nano TiO2 would not be consumed, thus could provide the long-lasting protection of surface cleaning.

How can we reduce the germs when we have to touch something?

For indivisuals, before we touch, we can wear gloves, clean with sanitizer or wash hands after we have to touch. Yes, they work but are not fit for everyone and every situation. We still suffer from the concerns of germs from strangers.

What if the surface itself can be self-cleaning, able to readily remove any bacteria and viruses on its surface?
Free Touch with Nano Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) is designed for this application.

Test & Certification for UV Photocatalyst

Test on Surface Bacteria

Compared to normal sticker, surface with Ultra Forest is able to be cleaner during daily usage. Use as decoration, at the same time, Ultra Forest also have obvious performance on reduction of bacteria.

Validation on TiO2 Effectiveness

Nano TiO2, a UV photocatalyst material, is an Eco-friendly ingredient for organic decomposition. Take pigment as an example, after 60 minutes, sample with Nano TiO2 coating turned colored pigment into transparent.

Real-Time Surface Disinfection

Simulation test of surface bacteria left by frequent hand touch, Free Touch has an outstanding performance in instant surface cleaning.

Effective Inhibition

The Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst can be applicable to surfaces where people will interact and need keep clean.
The ingredient itself can not be consumed in the
catalyst, thus the sticker will keep effective till it is
removed from the surfaces.

uv photocatalyst_25

Features of Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst

Sign to indicate where to touch

Aesthetic hand touch sticker design can clearly guide you to touch at the first sight.

uv photocatalyst_15
uv photocatalyst_16

Visible Back to Clean

Once touch, readily kill the germs left on the surface. Visibly,Free Touch is back to clean as your handprint disappears.

Waterproof Coating

Vinyl coating allows contact with water, no matter your hands are dry or wet, also easy to clean.

uv photocatalyst_17
uv photocatalyst_18

Long-lasting Eco-Cleaning

No harm or chemical residue in usage. 3 years of effective and continual disinfection to protect you in where people interact.

Details of Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst

Take a closer look on the product itself

uv photocatalyst_5

Total 3 sheets per pack,
2 designs & 2 sizes for usage.

uv photocatalyst_6

Removable adhesive, no residue
after removal, safe to surface.

uv photocatalyst_5

Easy to Use
Peel & Stick,
Enjoy the fun of diy.

How to use Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst

Only 3 steps to purify

Follow the Steps:
1. Clean the surface.
2. Peel off the sticker.
3. Press and stick to avoid air bubbles.
4. Finished.

uv photocatalyst_22

Notes for Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst

1. Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst is designed to be applied in areas with frequent touches (e.g.: handles) or high visitor frequency, its durability will be subject to the repeated abrasion(change of appearance, lifting, etc.). Free Touch’s durability depends on the intensity and frequency of the mechanical stress to which it is exposed.
2. Anti-Microbial ingredients in Free Touch are not consumed or reduced, are permanent until its replacement. Considering the repeated abrasion, we recommend 1 replacement every 12 months.

Application for Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst

Free Touch with UV Photocatalyst is suggested to be used wherever people gather, interact and stay. The ideal application for this purifying sticker is placed that needs design and purification.

1. Applicable to most of your current commercial and public areas.
2. Surface cover or screen divider in a public area, handle, knob, door from appliance, bus, subway and market
3. Desk cover in office, school, hospital, retail, train, coffee shop
4. Personal usage as Mobile phone, mouse pad etc.
5. Ideal choice for places where people interact and stay.

Unique Sterilization Stickers with UV Photocatalyst

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